Our chapel’s memorial wall is centered around a beautiful piece of artwork of Bobo the dog, driving animals in a golf cart over the rainbow bridge. The story behind this is beautiful. Bobo was well known in his neighborhood for “driving” the golf cart. After he passed, his parents Tom & Mary, commissioned an artist to make a piece commemorating the unique job they envision Bobo doing now. Shortly after Bobo passed and they received their artwork, an orange tabby cat started coming around their house and specifically appeared every time Bobo was being talked about. Interestingly, this cat looks identical to the one riding right beside Bobo in the art they had received! The cat adopted them and they named him Twinkles. Tom & Mary felt that this artwork belonged at Angel’s Watch and they graciously donated it. In 2014 we dedicated our chapel walls to honoring donors like Tom & Mary, with Bobo’s artwork as the center of it all. All donors receive a star ornament with their pet’s photo on it hanging in the chapel (also a unique coincidence with the cat being named Twinkles as in stars!).